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Staying (Refined) Sugar-Free

August 7, 2012

I think refined sugar is evil and don’t do well on it. If I’ve eaten foods containing high amounts of refined sugar I get huge sugar highs which make me hyperactive followed by crashes and even sugar hangovers the next day. I think refined sugar consumption is a big problem in society that needs addressing more widely and on a personal level I’d like to get to a point where refined sugar is simply no longer in my life.

I have had periods of sugar free living before I’ve let is sneak back in again.  I’ve spent the last week sugar-free apart from, ironically, a couple of savoury items that had sugar in their ingredients list!

When I am sugar-free living I try not to replace refined sugar with artificial sweeteners.  Instead I’ll opt for using agave syrup, stevia (there is a dark chocolate bar the uses stevia) coconut sugar, xylitol, dates or date syrup, sweet freedom syrup and I’ve just recently found some brown rice syrup in my nearby health food shop (but have not tried it yet).  All these have a lower GI and are less of a shock to the body then refined sugar. 

Of course developing less of taste for sweet foods is the ultimate, I’m just not ready to take that challenge on as yet but it is a future project that’s on the list.

Today I found the most amazing product, a no added sugar “Siesta Carob” bar (I bought the orange flavour one).  What it especially amazing is that is does not use an additional alternative sweetener such as those listed above…the orange oil and the carob together are sweet enough – I’m so glad I found this little beauty!

Other treats free or refined sugar that I currently enjoy are Booja, Booja and Worthenshaw’s Freedom “ice-creams”, Booja, Booja raw truffles, OmBar (probiotic coconut is by far my fave), Happy Kitchen brownies (to die for!) and Nana’s Cookies….and now I can add Siesta Carob bars to the list – yummy!

Oh and since I’m vegan all the products listed above are dairy free too!

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  1. August 8, 2012 10:07 am

    I’ve been trying to cut down on my sugar intake, too (I’m down to merely two ice creams a day). I always knew sugar was supposed to be unhealthy, but I didn’t realise how far ( Apparently it can cause lower brain functions and I’ve read it damages your immune system.

    Apparently sugar is a big problem in the USA ( I’ve been told this could be due to political reasons – the government stands to make more money keeping their people fat and diebetic, which would explain why they’re against an NHS, but that could just be me being conspiracy theorist (how would I know different? I eat too much sugar!).

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